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The Talented Miss Braegas!

Me? Exhibitionist? Never! Well maybe a just a little bit…

Certainly when my good friend Miss Braegas, who is pursuing a career as a portrait photographer in New York City, recently asked if she could do a photo shoot with me whilst she was in London to add to her portfolio, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. Particularly as this multi-talented lady is also a professional make up artist and offered to give me the full works. So false eyelashes in place and hair coiffured, I was ready for the camera and I must say, I was rather pleased with the results. A hint of Helmut Newton methinks, perhaps belying Miss Braegas’ Germanic roots!

Annette One low res

Helmet Newton Eat Your Heart Out!

Fun and Games at Pedestal!

Here is picture of me preparing to head off to Pedestal with Nanny Nogood. Unfortunately, as it was rather warm I did feel obliged to wear very little in the way of clothing….

Nanny and I certainly had a lot of fun last night but I can’t tell you what transpired, as I fear that might be breaking the Official Secrets Act…

Reworked Low res.