Chaos in the Kitchen with Femme Fetale Films

If you look at many BDSM film sites online, the phrase “excellent production standards” generally does not spring to mind. Femme Fetale Films is an exception to this rule. Not only are the films produced to high, professional standard, the website is slick and easy to navigate and more over they are lovely people to work with. If you haven’t opened this Pandora’s box of delights then you really should!

I have worked with Femme Films from the outset. The first film I made with them was back in 2009 when I was still a Mistress-in-training and appeared in that role with Mistress Eleise de Lacy (who is largely responsible for moulding me into the vicious sadistic bitch I am today). I have since made quite a number of films and yesterday another two cinematic masterpieces were added to the collection.

The first “Sticky Fingers” was inspired by 1950’s domestic dragon, Franny Craddock, who struck fear into her kitchen assistants who all appear to be of the young and male variety. In this scenario, my hapless assistance has eaten all the cupcakes that I prepared earlier, thus ruining my cookery show. Of course I am not going to stand for such humiliation live on television, so set about expressing my dissatisfaction with a wooden spoon. There is also some particularly creative usage of an icing piping bag.

You can have your cake AND eat it.

The second film second film, called “Peeper Punished”, reveals the dire consequences of spying on a Mistress whilst she relaxes after a hard day at the office. Of course this poor peeping Tom soon sees the error of his ways.

Links to trailers for the films are below. Enjoy! (Sticky Fingers) (Peeper punished)


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