Capturing Salome

It is, of course, always a great privilege to work with world famous erotic artist China Hamilton. China usually works with submissive female subjects, but for Miss Myers he has always made an exception. We often discuss different ways of capturing the spirit of Miss Myers on camera and on this occasion we wanted a light, summery image in anticipation of the change of seasons that is still eluding us.

I had come up with the outfit in soft shades of browns and purples gossamer scarves, bangles and little else. And China, as ever, found the perfect backdrop, positioning me on sumptuous cushions with flowers in the background bathed in evening sunlight.

Capturing the essence of Salome didn’t prove to be easy, which is understandable. She is known to be rather a demanding lady. Fitting me into the whole frame of the photograph at the right angle proved to be a little awkward, as did working with the combination of early evening sunshine from the window and tungsten lighting. Oh and I did feel the necessity to make a small fuss about forgetting my gloves. But ultimately we got this fantastic image. Enjoy!

Salome reclines on cushions; demanding the impossible and deadly...

Salome reclines on cushions; demanding the impossible and deadly…                   Photo: China Hamilton

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