Naughty but Nice III


These charming little water colours are by an 1950′s illustrator know only as “German”. I must say I feel a great affinity with the lady here. Not only does she have most excellent taste in lingerie in stockings she shares my belief that good boys should be clean inside and out….

One thought on “Naughty but Nice III

  1. Daniel

    Many congrats on the splendidly elegant blog.

    I agree that this artist’s work has an appeal all of its own, it catches the electrical charge that certain young men and boys feel in the company of governing females.

    And yes, of course, as you say Miss Myers, all good boys should be immaculate at all times, inside and out.

    A senior staff nurse I knew told me that, during the 1940/50′s, if she had a male patient on the ward who was considered in any way ‘uppity’ or troublesome she never hesitated to order something the nurses referred to as an HHH enema. A very strong mixture of carbolic soap was administered usually as a two quart infusion. HHH stood for High, Hot, and a Helluva lot. The mixture was to be retained for a minimum of 40 minutes and the miscreants were left, after expulsion, grossly humiliated and as weak as kittens. She always said a disciplined ward was a happy ward.

    Most respectfully,



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