Hello Boys (Miss Myers in Lovely Lingerie)

It was difficult to drag myself away from the sunshine of China Hamilton’s Suffolk Garden. However, the knowledge that this genius of erotic photography would shortly transform a glimpse of pale thigh, the lace top of a silk stocking, a dash of purple lipstick into so much more than these component parts was as alluring as ever. The alchemy of this process never fails to fascinate and amaze me. The plan was to give some of my much-loved vintage style lingerie an airing before the camera. I had bought along two pieces from two of my favourite lingerie emporiums What Katie Did and Playful Promises. Not that I am one to make grossly unsubtle and heavy handed hints regarding appropriate gifts for Mistress, but if you follow the links, the websites for both shops are well worth a visit…

A moment’s contemplation…
Photo: China Hamilton

The first piece was a body from Playful Promises, with a front panel in a beautiful gossamer grey silk and a rather suggestively see through back. The second piece was a classic what Katy Did Corselette in black satin, perfect for accentuating my small yet perfectly proportioned curves. I, of course matched each garment with fabulous, gloves, heels, boots and vintage glitter, pearls and lashing of lipstick in seductive shades. We shot on the stair case and at the antique desk. Mr Hamilton is not a man to hang around and  once he had adjusted me to his satisfaction we captured both looks in a matter of minutes. I will be posting a full gallery from the shoot on my website shortly, but here is a little taster for you lucky, lucky boys!


Miss Myers 13 Mistress 047

I do hope you have an excellent reason to disturb Me…
Photo: China Hamilton


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