Naughty but Nice IV

I realised that I haven’t posted an image from my extensive collection of vintage erotica for a while so here we go. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artist is. However, I don’t think there can be any doubt as regards what this fortunate young man is thinking about…

"L'homme n'est qu'un roseau, le plus faible de la nature; mais c'est un roseau pensant" Blaise Pascal

“L’homme n’est qu’un roseau, le plus faible de la nature; mais c’est un roseau pensant” ┬áBlaise Pascal
Illustration: Bernard Montorgueil


One thought on “Naughty but Nice IV

  1. bootslavetoeleise

    Dear Miss Myers,

    I am Mistress Eleise’s (of Femmefatalefilms) collared slave and have been admiring your site and blog.

    The artist behind this portrait is Montorgeuil, a Frenchman who used this pseudonym when depicting some classic Femdom scenes. His work dates back to the 1930′s but and is as relevant now as presumably it was then. I particularly like his depictions which have the slave sitting on the seat of a chair with sharp spikes or lying on a bed of nails.

    Other examples of his work at:

    Keep up the good work. It inspires so many of us.



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