A Naughty Tipple

As some of you maybe aware, I am trying to educate myself when it comes to the world of wine. I have no desire to become utterly pretentious, sniffing and blah-ing on insufferably about hints of rhubarb. However, I have always got excited by flavours and I am adventurous when it comes to food and drink.  I therefore came to the decision that if I am going to abuse my liver for the foreseeable future, I may as well enjoy the experience. Anyway, the attempts at self education have been rather unsuccessful thus far, because as soon as I go near a wine tasting, my inner hedonist comes out. I want to taste and experience everything on offer and I am certainly not going to spit anything out! The resulting inebriation means that information retention is approximately zero.

Miss Myers likes to let her inner hedonist out to play on occasion...

Miss Myers likes to let her inner hedonist out to play on occasion..

I have however, through trial and error, developed a sense of what I do and don’t like. And a recent gift from a loyal supporter of this blog will certainly be added to the list. Not because of what it tastes like but because of the rather interesting name and label…

“Krover Nacktarsch” is a vine yard of the Mosel wine region and  translates as ” Krover Naked Ass” and . According to a very bad translation from the German on Wikipedia, Nacktarsh as a place name is a corruption of either the Latin “Nectarius” , or the word Celtic “Nackas”, both of which mean bare rocky place, which Nacktarash happens to be. However, a rather convenient-for-marketing-purposes myth has grown up that back in the days when a little traditional discipline and CP was thought to be no bad thing, a local Krover cellar master  found two servant boys sipping from a wine barrel and, you guessed it, gave them a spanking on the bare bottom or the naked ass that they deserved. Hence the rather memorable image on the label. And if you are dreading the prospect of a rather boring dinner party a bottle of Krover Nacktarsch could always liven up the conversation!

Who knows, after a bottle you might want to take your pants down!

Who knows, after a bottle, you might want to take your pants down too!



4 thoughts on “A Naughty Tipple

  1. Richard

    Tasting notes: Krover Nacktarsch
    by our wine correspondant, S.P. Ankhard

    Although a rather unprepossessing little Mosel this is a wine that surprises.
    At first sight, a rather pale white but as one perseveres, it develops tones of a light rosé and finally a full blooded red. On the palete it has a pronounced sting however this soon morphs into a warm glow that will have you jumping up and down with pleasure. One is reminded of the aromas of a forest in springtime; the lush clumps of nettles sheltering under the young twigs sprouting on the willow and birch trees.
    The bottle itself seems to act as an eccouragement to leave nothing behind. When one reaches the bottom, all inhibitions have gone and you forget all the troubles of the world, nothing else matters. If like me you are a convert, the best advice is to submit to its charms, turn the other cheek and beg for another dose!

    1. Miss Myers Post author

      Thank you for this contribution Mr S.P. Ankhard. I am very flattered that connoisseurs such as yourself are getting involved in this debate. With your glowing recommendation I would not be surprised if bottles of Nacktarsch don’t fly off the shelf!


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