The 50 Shades Phenomenon

In case you are not aware, the trailer of 50 Shades of Gray the film has now been released to much general furore and titillation. And as I am a Mistress who is far too liberal when it comes to treats here is the link to said trailer.

Do let me know what you think, but my opinion is that if the hackneyed dialogue and the excessive amount of heavy breathing is anything to go by, doing the washing up will be a much more erotic experience than watching this film, which is due for release on Valentines day 2015. Though come to think of it, doing the washing up chez Myers can be a very erotic experience and one which doesn’t even involve a helicopter. However, I am sure you get my gist…

Dakota Johnson stars as Anastasia Steele (and engages in much heavy breathing)

Dakota Johnson stars as Anastasia Steele (and engages in much heavy breathing)

I cannot be too scathing about the 50 shades phenomena though. Much as I feel the trilogy is no literary masterpiece,  50 Shades seem to have captured the imagination of a collective consciousness which is ready for a bit more erotic adventure and a bit less prudery. However, silly Mr Gray might be as a character and however fantastical the sex (little miss virgin goes to 20 orgasms a minute in a nanosecond) this tale of sexual power play has seemed to have switched on the national libedo and got even good girls talking. And frankly anything that can bring the consensual adult enjoyment of a bit of kink out of the closet is a good think as far as I am concerned!

Also, I am hoping along with the lovely girls at Sh! that the general excitement in the run to the release of the film will lead to an increased interest in workshops. In fact I am now talking to Sh! about now running BDSM workshops levels, one, two and three for the ladies. One would be what is kink, answering some basic questions, level two would be focused on tie and tease, sensual play and fun and games in the bedroom and level three would be discussing how to engage in a more serious femdom relationship. Anyway watch this space.

I also have a confession to make, after all my kvetching, I have purchased the 50 shades of Gray nipple clamps, on the recommendation of the lovely girls at Sh!. In my defence, I was looking for some clamps that are reasonably gentle as I seem to have an excessive amount of vicious ones (interesting that) and these fit the bill. They also look rather aesthetically pleasing with the little weights hanging down. Anyway, if anyone cares to take this matter up with me whilst standing naked before me with said nipple clamps attached, well then I can always swap them for one of the many really nasty pairs in my possession!

Said nipple clamps...

Said nipple clamps…


One thought on “The 50 Shades Phenomenon

  1. Jon

    Having done the washing up on numerous occasions for Ms Myers, I can confirm that it is indeed a very erotic experience.


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