3 thoughts on “And So to Bed…

  1. Dan

    Madam retires coquettishly to her boudoir after having administered a sound flogging. She glances back graciously at her bound and gagged servant; his final view is of her exquisite insouciance and maddeningly taunting gaze.

    A long night of devoted suffering ahead for him, as his fresh weals smart and throb…and his manhood jerks, drips and aches in its securely locked prison. All just as it must be at Miss Myers heels..

    Thank you, Madam.

  2. Bob

    Is it just me, or does Miss Myers’ delicious bottom cheek look a little pink? Don’t tell me that she been sunning herself in the park again or has some kind gentleman had her over his knee. But what ever for. Surely she didn’t really deserve it. Surely not. Not a good girl like her.


    1. Miss Myers

      So I notice that Dan writes beautiful description of Miss Myers’ bedtime preparations. Whilst Bob makes a very insolent comment about the rosy tone of Miss Myers’ bottom. Says it all really.

      However, to clear up the “rosy bottom” question, as I know the tantalising thought of Miss Myers getting her perfect bottom spanked has been tormenting many of you and has been the cause of many a restless night. This is not due to a firm hand spanking, but the preference of erotic artist China Hamilton to use tungsten lighting in his images as this brings a warmth to the image as opposed to bleaching it out. If you can bear for a moment to drag your eyes away from Miss Myers exquisite derriere you shall also remark that there is the same rosy glow to the outside edge of my upper arm. So you can hopefully now all calm down a little and have tranquility restored to your world!


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