Please Support Resistance Rising

My good friends Garry and Izas set up the Resistance Gallery in East London in 2008 and for six years it has been a fabulous venue in the throbbing, trendy heart of Bethnal Green offering up lunatic and memorable evenings of cabaret, live music, and art, not to mention Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling with a performative twist).

However a few weeks ago vandals set fire to some bins outside the Gallery causing extensive damage. The Gallery now needs to raise £15,000 to get back on its feet again and has set up a fundraising page on website IndieGoGo.

Resistance 1

A fire eater performs at the Gallery

So my request to you is please contribute what you can to help get this vibrant venue back on its feet again. Even £5 will make all the difference. And as an added incentive if you contribute and then let me know I promise you will get a very special “treat” next time you come to see me. And I am sure you are all aware that Miss Myers’ “treats” a very, very special indeed…

Click here to contribute and please Mistress!

Resistance 2

It is never a dull moment with the luchadores.



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