A Touch of Midnight in the Afternoon…

This year has seen me increasingly collabourate with the elegant and sophisticatedly sadistic Maitresse Nuit. We have found we have found our skills complement each other perfectly. Maitresse loves to tie our poor victims in exquisite shibari knots whilst I love to tie them up in words. We both enjoy making humiliation an art form and adore training  “Les femmes de chambre” and “les servants” to our high exacting standards. We have also put on some impressive shows when it comes to showering our poor victims with a most special blend of champagnes.

The delightfully deviant Maitresse Nuit

The delightfully deviant Maitresse Nuit with a wicked glint in her eye…

This collabouration has also greatly improved my French vocabulary. I studied French literature at university and it is one of my great regrets that my French speaking skills are now days rather rusty from lack of use. However, things are now looking up. Phrases such “une petite salope”, “ une marie-couche-toi-là”, “un saint nitouche”  and “une bonne fessée” now trip off my tongue quite effortlessly*

In December Maitresse and I are planning some very special Salons. These deviant and decadent afternoons will be rather select events with no more than three guests on each occasion, allowing us to tailor activities to the interests and attributes of those attending They will take place at the Maitresse’s opulent Seraglio in Dalston (just round the corner from chez Myers) and will last for 3 hours or so. To find out more email me at severity@missmyers.com.

Les Salons will be at least as much fun...

Les Salons will be at as much fun at least!
image: Bernard Montorgueil*

*And yes you will get points (and points mean prizes) if you send me correct translations without resorting to google translate!





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