Miss Myers at Coco de Mer

When I was asked by Coco de Mer to give a workshop about BDSM in the bedroom as part of their Salon programme I was of course delighted. I am a great fan of this elegant emporium of erotica and thought it the perfect setting for Miss Myers to share her pearls of wisdom. Also, I like to spread the word that BDSM is not all about extremes and being strung upside down in from the ceiling in a body bag; that there is a softer, more sensual side that can compliment bedroom time very nicely.

On the evening about 20 ladies were in attendance. I don’t know who was most nervous, me or the attendees contemplating the prospect spending the next two hours getting to grips with the technicalities of taking charge in the bedroom. For everyone’s sake, it was a good thing that the champagne was freely flowing.

However, after a tentative start, curiosity soon got the better of the ladies in attendance. The subject of CBT really seemed to break the ice and soon Algernon, our entirely realistic and life size male torso for the evening, was getting the sort of female attention that most men can only dream about. Hands were everywhere and there was definitely some rough fondling taking place, as the ladies couldn’t wait to have their turn at tournequetting poor Algernon’s testicles. From that moment on the female enthusiasm was well and truly out the bag and on the rampage. I was bombarded with questions, the props table was raided and the batteries ran out on the vibrator as everyone present wanted to test all the efficacy of all the different settings (on their noses, you really do all have filthy minds).

I like to feel I sent a few happy converts on their way at the end of the evening. And to any chaps out there, who find themselves at the receiving end of some unexpected enthusiastic and vigorous attentions, I suggest that you shut up and be grateful (hopefully you will have no choice in the matter if my young disciples have learnt well…)

Miss Myers in garden


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