Men’s Health Warning

Last night my good friends Nanny Nogood and Miss Vinci were kind enough to invite me to dinner and pour a large amount of red wine down my throat with a foolhardy disregard for the consequences; namely my obsession for the evening with Men’s Health magazine. I must say, I have never taken a great deal of notice of this publication before, as the target audience is clearly not female lushes such as myself. However, another housemate (of the male variety) had left one lying around and last night, through rioja tinted spectacles, it came under the brutal scrutiny of Miss Myers. Well firstly, I was astounded by the nonchalant chauvinism of the thing. Helpful tips such as:

‘You’ll have sex 1.6 times more a month if you leave “traditionally female chores” to your other half.’

Reworked Mens health

Particularly caught my attention. I would love a man to explain the vigorous scientific basis for that one. Preferably standing in front of me with his pants around his ankles. Otherwise, I was just pretty depressed by the facile idiocy of the publication. I know, know, it is only portraying men as testosterone fuelled morons to even up the balance a bit with all the female “lifestyle magazines” portraying women as shoe obsessed neurotic airheads (well the shoe thing is understandable..) But still; it was pretty dispiriting stuff. However, it did have one redeeming feature. It had some most excellent suggestions for the playroom. For example:

Clean; Swap hands; Jerk; Swap; Squat; Swap; Repeat (12 times)

Now, do you want to tell me again why you think I should do the ironing?

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